Conditions Treated

At Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions to preserve your vision. Whether you need care for astigmatism or an eye injury, our team can help. Before visiting us, learn more about our conditions below!

Conditions We Treat

Whether you are experiencing a condition that is common or severe, we can offer the necessary treatment. Some conditions we can help with include:

•             Myopia

•             Astigmatism

•             Blurry Vision

•             Glaucoma

•             Macular Degeneration

•             Eye Injuries

Our Approach to Eye Care and Treatment

We care for each patient and provide treatment for your specific needs. When you schedule a routine eye exam, we will carefully assess your eyes, provide you with in-depth feedback, and create a personalized treatment plan.

If you have a more serious eye condition or disease, we will closely monitor your condition with frequent eye appointments. We may also recommend surgical procedures if they are needed. In addition, prescriptions may also be added to your treatment, especially if, for example, you have glaucoma or an infection.

We are dedicated to helping you see clearly and protect your vision. We also use the latest technology, tools, and techniques to help treat our patients and provide quality care for the residents of Montclair, CA.

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If you would like to learn more about the range of products and services we offer at Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA, we encourage you to contact us at (909) 986-0918 today. Whether you have myopia, blurry vision, or astigmatism, we offer treatments for your needs. Call our office or stop by our location to speak to one of our helpful office team members who can provide you with answers and set you up with an appointment. When you are searching for an optometrist near me, we are happy to assist you!

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