Pediatric Eye Exams

For pediatric eye care, myopia control, and eyeglasses, schedule a visit with an eye doctor on our optometry team at Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA. An optometrist near you is here to help support and maintain eye health.

pediatric eye exam

Pediatric Eye Care

At our clinic, we can provide different types of services, such as eye surgery consultation, computer vision treatment, Ortho-K, glaucoma treatment, treatment for eye injuries, astigmatism treatment, macular degeneration treatment, blurry vision treatment, and more.

One condition we can provide care for is myopia, a condition children are highly susceptible to. Myopia, which is also referred to as nearsightedness, hinders a child's vision, which can adversely affect their interaction at school, at home, and when doing daily activities.

About Myopia

When a person has myopia, objects that are near are seen clearly whereas objects in the distance appear blurry. The condition is most prevalent in school-age children and can progress through their teenage years and up to around age 20. Adults with health conditions or who are experiencing stressful vision may also develop the condition.

Symptoms and signs of nearsightedness include:

•             Excessive blinking.

•             Excessive rubbing of the eyes.

•             Eyestrain.

•             Headaches.

•             Rubbing of the eyes.

•             Squinting to see objects more clearly.

•             Sitting much closer to the TV.

•             Vision is blurred when looking at objects in the distance.

Services We Provide

Through our proactive pediatric eye examinations, an eye doctor on our team performs a thorough check of each eye to assess the child's overall eye health. This might include the alignment of the eyes, the child's ability to focus, and how well the child can determine and define the shape of objects placed at a distance.

Get Pediatric Eye Care, Myopia Control, and Eyeglasses from an Optometrist Near You

We at Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA, offer pediatric eye care to help children see clearly. We can treat each child with personalized care, taking the time to ensure all the appropriate tests are provided, a plan of action is put into place, and any and all questions have been answered. If your child is showing symptoms of myopia, or currently experiencing the condition, contact our office by phone. Call us at (909) 986-0918 for pediatric eye care, myopia control, and eyeglasses from an optometrist near you.

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