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At Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA, we offer comprehensive optometry services to help our patients preserve their vision. Whether you need a routine eye exam or are considering contact lenses, our team would be delighted to assist and provide treatment for your condition. Learn more about our wide range of services below: 

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Eye Exams

Our optometrist offers comprehensive eye exams to help detect any changes in your vision. During an annual or bi-annual exam, we will go over your medical history and offer a series of vision and eye tests. We assess your eyes' ability to focus and move to ensure that they are healthy.

Contact Lenses

We provide fittings and prescriptions for contact lenses. Our team will help you find the right lenses for your specific condition. We also offer a wide selection of brands, so you can find an option that will be comfortable to wear.


Our optometry carries an extensive selection of designer frames and lenses. We will help you find the right glasses to suit your style and needs, while also providing you with a clearer vision.

LASIK Pre- and Post-Operative Care

For those considering LASIK eye surgery, our optometrist can provide the pre- and post-operative care that you need. We will ensure that your eyes are healthy and ready for surgery and monitor your progress after the procedure.

Glaucoma Testing

Our office also offers glaucoma testing to help with a diagnosis. We will perform a tonometry test and a visual field analysis to determine your risk of developing the condition.

Myopia Control

We also offer myopia control treatment to help slow the progression of nearsightedness. Our eye doctors can provide recommendations, such as special contact lenses, medication, and exercises that may be able to reduce how myopia affects your vision.

Vision Therapy

Our optometrist offers vision therapy services to help adults and children with eye coordination, focusing, and tracking problems. We will design a comprehensive program that you can use at home to help you with your vision.

Pediatric Eye Care

We provide pediatric eye care services for children of all ages. Our team will assess your child’s vision and discuss any potential issues or concerns you may have.

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Simpson and Mann Optometry in Montclair, CA, is here to help you preserve your vision. When you visit us, we will perform an exam and provide treatment that may be necessary for your condition. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, contact us at (909) 986-0918 today. We are dedicated to improving your eye health!

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